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Meet Waylon!

Waylon has been a loyal employee of Down by the River Curtains since its conception. His devoted service has led him right up the corporate ladder. A real testimony to where hard work can take you. He started out as a security guard, keeping a vigilant watch over the sidewalk all day and into the night and alerting me to every passerby. His proficiency and clear love of his work resulted quickly into a promotion. Waylon’s talents really shone as the head of the IT department. His patience and attention to detail were standout assets to the department. His transition into operational management from there has been seamless. He oversees all quality control and supervises all labor. His management style is best described as tough, but fair. He strives for excellence, keeping all of the staff on task and holding us all to his exceedingly high standards. It’s no wonder he has risen to the top of Down by the River Curtains.