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Product Review by Jeremy Arndt

Earlier this summer, some people from this group recommended the Down By The River window covers (by Marcy Elizabeth) to us after I made a post on here. We had ordered the Weathertech sunshade for the front windshield and doors and weren’t happy with how the front windshield piece fit. I sent the weathertech sun shade products back and got in touch with Marcy to place an order with her. Our time was running short before we had to hit the road and she worked extra hard to get the entire set of window covers finished up and sent out to us on time to hit the road.

We just finished about a month on the road with them, using them every single day, and absolutely love the covers! From the moment they arrived, we immediately loved the quality of them compared to the other products we had sent back. The material is nice and thick, the fit is great, and the stitching on them looks like it will last the test of time.


We loved them so much that we ditched all of the curtains in our van in favor of these. They’re a much cleaner look and offer much more privacy than curtains did. When we have them in the windows at night, we can turn the lights on in the van and you can walk around outside and barely see any light poking through and you definitely can’t see inside, even when pressed up against the window. Combined with the tint on the windows, they offer a very stealth look for urban camping when needed. They completely block out the light with the exception of a few tiny cracks here and there, and make it really nice for sleeping in during the morning if you’d like.


The install very quickly and can be taken down even faster. Installation is made quick by strong magnets inside that attach to the metal on the van. The headliner comes with some metal clips that attach to the headliner at the top of the windshield, allowing the magnets to have something metal there to connect to. The material can be folded up for storage. Our whole set folds up small enough that we store them in a zip up pillow protector we bought at a thrift store. The only recommendation I’d make if you order them is to spread the headliner clips out a bit with your fingers before installing to make them slide on a bit easier!

We bought them originally to help block some heat, because we have a cat that travels with us and on occasion, we have to run into a store or somewhere we cannot bring him in with us. They block the heat really well. I don’t have any scientific measurements or anything, but on our most recent trip, we were in New Mexico and Texas in temps as high as 105 degrees (don’t worry, we left our cat at home for the desert trip!). 😱 When these were in the window, they felt cool on the back side and you could remove them and the window was hot enough to be uncomfortable to touch. They definitely block a noticeable amount of heat too!


My fiancé was worried a bit about the cost at first, as they’re a bit more expensive than the weathertech, plus the added cost of springing for the full set, but after a month on the road with them, neither of us have any regrets. It’s one of the best purchases we’ve made for our van so far. I wish they were available for our other vehicles!

Dealing with Marcy has been great. She’s been quick to respond to all messages and answer any questions we’ve had. We messaged her on Facebook messenger to order them, to save her from having eBay take a cut of her sales.

If you’re looking for window covers for your Transit, look no further!

I’ve added some pics so you can check out the fit in our mid roof Transit. Let me know if you have any questions or need a specific picture!

Originally posted on the Ford Transit USA Owners Facebook-group